How Solar Works

The Panels

Solar panels (or solar cells) absorb light energy from the sun and create a photovoltaic effect converting this energy into electron energy. The electron energy is converted into electric power and then passed on to the inverter…

The Inverter

The solar panels generate Direct Current electric power (DC). The job of the inverter is to convert the energy into Alternating Current (AC). This is the standard electrical current used in your home. Once converted into AC power the electricity is ready to be used in your home.

The Breaker Box

Your newly generated AC power is run to your breaker box so it can be distributed throughout your home.

Online Monitoring

Monitor your solar production online anytime using our system tracking software.

Your Utility Meter

Your utility meter will measure your electrical supply in your home. Your panels may allow you to produce more power per month than you will actually use. Any excess power produced will offset your bill the following month.


?Each home is unique. An efficient solar panel system needs to be designed with your home in mind.

?Optimally panels should face South. However systems can be designed for any facing with the exception of North.

?Panels should be placed at a 30-35 degree angle for maximum production

?Shade from trees, or other obstacles should be avoided as much as possible.

?The amount of solar energy you collect is directly correspondent to the number of panels you have on your home.